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Automated Lifestyle Solutions - Transform Your Home

Complete Automation's systems and range of products are fully integrated providing complete comfort, convenience and safety from a central controller.  There is less "wall clutter" from individual product consoles as everything can be controlled from the same interface such as a console or touchscreen, over the phone or internet, TV screen, remote control and more.

The system can be installed in new or existing homes with a range of wireless products if required.  The system is tailored to your individual needs and requirements allowing your automation system to grow as you decide eliminating the need to install everything at once.  Click on the pictures below for more details on the various components that can be automated in your home.

Automation Controllers


Temperature Control

Interface Options & Software


Lighting & Appliance Control

Security & Surveillance

Fire & Occupant Safety


Access Control


Broadband & VoIP

Multi-rooom Audio/Visual


Pool Control


Resource & Energy Management



Curtains, Blinds & Windows

Home Theatre



Central Vacuum Systems

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